Our advise

Our advise

vNever leave the group without informing the organizors or your guide.

vAlcohool & Tabacco are strictly forbidden, hiking is a sport.

vDo your best to not disturb animals in their natural environement, the more you are discreet, you have more chance to make beautiful & rich encounters.

vRespect private properties and never cross off-trail lines except for emergency exceptions.

vDo not pick plants you do not know, some species may be protected or may be toxic.

vEquipped with good sports shoes or hiking.

vBeing full of water and food, preferably a minimum of sweet, without weighing down his bag, the more you are light the faster you go. Leave nothing behind you only a beautiful smile and an excellent atmosphere, but nothing on the floor.

vFinally, bring yourself with a good camera to memorize your stay.