Sahara Event: Tozeur 5 days & 4 nights.

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Tunisia: Oasis and nomadic crossing at the gates of the Sahara!


Off the beaten track!! BTVoyages DMC WORLD TUNISIA, will allow you  to experience an unforgettable experience during a trek of 3 to 7 days in the desert under a Berber tent. Take advantage of this trip to discover the other treasures of the Tunisian south, its many oases, Tozeur, Matmata, Nefta, Douz, Chebika, Tamarza... and enjoy the Bedouin serenity.


You spend nights under the stars at the gates of the Sahara desert and enjoy the dinners prepared by camel drivers before the Berber vigils by the fire.




-Day 01: Tozeur

*Arrival in Tozeur, personalized welcome at the airport.

*Assistance of the participants: our team will drive them to the airport parking, where the 4x4 will be numbered and arranged in a row. Possibility to personalize the vehicles with the company's colors and logo.

*Transfer to the hotel. Riders in traditional dress will escort the group to the entrance of the reception where they will be welcomed with songs and Saharan rhythms.

*Delivery of the keys. A welcome drink with canapés and mignardises will be served to the participants around the swimming pool or in a privatized place of the hotel. In the meantime, luggage will be taken directly to the rooms.

* Free time to rest.

*Buffet dinner around the pool, the area will be decorated with torches and luminous water lilies 

*Overnight at the hotel.



-Day 2: Tozeur/Degache/Sidi Bouhlel/Chott El Djerid/Fatnassa/Kebili/Douz/El Faouar/Zmela

*Breakfast then departure by 4x4 to DEGACHE and SIDI BOUHLEL for a trekking in this mystical place.

*Then we will take again the 4x4 for the crossing of the CHOTT EL DJERID, this immense salted expanse that Ferdinand de LESSEPS tried to rally to the Mediterranean Sea.

We will go down towards the great south: first FATNASSA and its stratified dunes, then KEBILI and Douz, the door of the Sahara and the great Oriental Erg.

*Lunch in a palm grove in Douz, an atypical restaurant of the region.

* In the afternoon, we will discover the great dunes of the south in 4x4, before joining GHIDMA and NOUIL... A small trekking to join a caravan of camels.

*Departure on the back of camels for about an hour of ride. The 4x4 will wait for us on the tracks of SABRIA and EL FAOUAR. We will then tackle the desert to reach the lost oasis of "ELF TIR", the oasis of a thousand birds. Discovery of SABRIA and its natural hot water spring.

*Departure to the camp. A typical dinner in the desert around a campfire and a Saharan animation.

*Overnight under tents. 


-Day 3: East of Chot El Djerid/Tozeur/Nefta:

*Wake up in the heart of the great Erg, breakfast at the camp then return to Tozeur via Chott El Djerid.

*Lunch in Tozeur, then departure for the tracks along the CHOTT and the oases of NEFTA.

*We will arrive on the east bank of the CHOTT. The 4x4 will then leave in a ballet of sliding, drawing large "Huits".

*Continuation on the dunes of Nefta, or an open bar will be served at sunset by waiters in Saharan dress and the sound of the flute.

*Return to the hotel.

*Dinner around the pool to the sound of a lute player playing local tunes.

*Overnight at the hotel.




Mountain Oases/Bir El Aneck/Segdoud/Mides:

*Breakfast then departure in 4x4 for a day in the mountain oases by a new route: Chebika: wonderful haven of peace and freshness& discover its waterfalls, a beautiful walk between the palm trees and the ghost village. Then continuation towards the palm grove of Tamarza for a typical lunch of the region in the shade of palm trees. Visit of Ong Djmal and discovery of the decor of star wars.

*An escapade towards the Tray of Mides, magnificent canyon adjacent a superb oasis. 

*Back to EL HAMMA, then fork on the tracks of BIR EL ANECK in the direction of the village of SEGDOUD, at the foot of the mountains of the Tunisian Atlas. There, we will take the steep road built by the French army during the second world war.  We will arrive on a bewitching place: The OUED SEGDOUD, the beauty of the site will send us in Hollywood decors or the Man will be only a simple extra

*We will take the 4x4 to another mystical place: The cave of the shepherd perched at 800 meters where we will discover a ceiling encrusted with marine fossils in the middle of the desert: A true lesson of Nature!

*Return to the hotel. Free time.

*Dinner Gala with Malouf or Folkloric animation of the region and belly dancer (Awards for the best team of the RALLYE).


-Day 5: Return back home

*Breakfast and check out.

*Transfer to the airport of Tozeur-Nefta.

*Assistance with check-in formalities and flight.



End of our services.